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Www.Pokerchartmaster.Com Offers an Astounding 25% Discount to Purchase All Its 14 Poker Charts


Colorado Springs, Colorado (July 12, 2019) –, a leading website known for the sale of high-quality poker charts announced its grand opening special package, the company is offering an astounding 25% discount on all its14 poker charts. This discount is indicative of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing high-quality poker chat services for poker lovers. The website had its grand opening on June 20, 2019, and released a grand opening package price for all the 14 poker charts offered by the company. The website is offering all its customers an unprecedented opportunity to save $10 when they order for all the 14 poker charts. Thereby buying all the 14 poker charts for $30 instead of the regular $40. The grand opening special package also includes free shipping and handling for orders in USA, and Canada. This discount offered with the grand opening special package is valid only until September 30, 2019. Brian, the Owner of commented “we are offering the 25% discount on all our 14 poker charts, thereby reducing the price by $10 from a regular of $40 to the present price of $30 with the aim of continually providing the widest opportunities for everyone interested in the poker game. The regular prices for our poker charts are 2 for $10, 5 for $20 and 14 for $40” Such a rarely seen discount level to get 14 high-quality poker charts from a reliable website for $30 can be very enticing. Given the fact that is an expert and leading player in this field, it's really hard to run away from a huge offer like this. The spokesperson of the website concluded, “after September 30, 2019 shipping will be charged on the buyer, and they will pay $40 to buy all the 14 poker charts.”


About the website is expert in offering high-quality poker charts. The website was founded in 2019 and the company is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA. The website main logo is Poker Chart Master, Master the art of Math.

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